Thank you all :-)

List of donators

I really don`t know what I should say... It is so unbelievable :-)
I did not count on so much response to my appeal for funds.

The only thing I can do is saying  "T H A N K   Y O U ..."

"Thank You, Thank You and Thank You" to all the people all over the world who have been so very kind to donate to my Bandwidth costs.
I'd like to especially mention those at Eatmail who have paid the biggest
part of my costs for me and are now hosting the ping pong clip on their site.
If any of you have the same issue as me, get in contact with
and see if they can help you as they have helped me.
Click on the Eatmail logo to view the ping pong clip

Please come back in a few days and take a look on this site for my complete apportionment of the donations and my costs.

See you :-)



PS. And if you wondering what I`m talking about, please click here to read the whole story

  • Barnabas Wolf
  • Geoff Goins
  • Beth Sherlock
  • Ben Humphrey
  • Joel Melamed
  • Ani Moller
  • Will Schultze
  • Razvan Chisu
  • Anatolii Belomestnov
  • Jason Fisher-Jones
  • Jason Yen
  • Nathan Atkins
  • Daniel Clarke
  • Isabel Kohler
  • Jutta Dedekind
  • Wolfgang Stengel
  • Fahrbach Florian
  • Ralf Manfred Bokelberg
  • Thomas Vogel
  • Saman Saidian
  • Rob Camilleri
  • Philippe Noel Bethge
  • Joe Hidalgo
  • Harry Lascelles
  • Robin Baumgarten
  • Dominik Seeger
  • Danielle Greig
  • Tom Perrett
  • LeMel Williams
  • David Hutchings
  • Wolfgang Schlaupitz
  • Katrin Kansy
  • David Coram
  • Erik Rombouts
  • Ravi Pradhan
  • Khoi Vinh
  • Vesa Mikkola
  • Jerold Huebner
  • Peter Petras
  • Stephen Hollands
  • Annette Schneider
  • Patrick Peters
  • (Emily & Jez :-)
  • Olivier Lanne-Heinrich
  • Garret Godfrey
  • Bjorn-Erik van Dommelen
  • Regina Zoric
  • Michael Schenk
  • Mathew Strange
  • Suzanne Dawson
  • Gabi Gregolec (thanx for the beer ;-)
  • Jörg Schmalenberger
  • Hugh Lyon

Thank you again, and you are the best :-)